Tell me about yourself.

I am an interaction designer and artist, working with digital media since the late 1990s. I have produced a wide range of work in installation, performance, and literature, as well as web, mobile, app, and game design.

I have degrees in Cognitive Science, Interactive Telecommunications, and Literary Arts.

My client work includes user experience design and content strategy for clients such as Samsung, IBM, Kaplan, Nike, Sesame Workshop, Martha Stewart, and Lego.

A central theme in my scholarly and artistic practice is the critical role that interface plays in our relationship with and experience of technology.

Find me on LinkedIn, read my résumé, or go for the long read: CV.

What are some projects you have worked on?

Currently: a wild food foraging app for a client in Hawai'i, websites for startups in the fashion and e-sports industries, and teaching Thesis Studio at Parsons School of Design.

I'll be updating this page by the end of the summer (2018, really) with my project portfolio. In the meantime, please get in touch at

What does technekai mean, anyway?

technê is the root of the word technology. It is a word from Ancient Greek often translated as craft or art. Some philosophers also used the term to mean something practice-based, for example, the craft of ruling a city or the craft of living well.

kaí, also from Ancient Greek, is a conjunction meaning and.

The aim of my practice is to unite technology with __________. With design, literature, and/or art.