one month of automatic writing

i’m beginning a month-long automatic writing practice, based on Michael Sandler’s Automatic Writing Experience. i’ve essayed this practice before, with fun results but nothing that i paid much attention to. in college i read about the Dadaists, and of course tried a couple of their tactics for writing and drawing, from cut-up poetry, to automatic writing and drawing, to the exquisite corpse. this time around, i’m giving it a stronger effort, with some analysis and reflection along the way. my buddy Meredith is also writing this practice for the month.

thus far i’m noticing mostly nonsense, with some sing-songy rhymes, like:

  • open casket open basket
  • horse’s mane, trouble with pain is it comes again
  • oh, glory, oh, story
  • blessed be this massive knowing, this glowing

there’s a long bit about being light, being both a particle and a wave. and a strange passage: the ugly truth is your desire for beauty, following by some notes about using my physical appearance as a way to win favor and attention as a child, gain points in the game of sibling rivalry. has the uncomfortable ring of truth to it.

there are more tidbits i like: i hold the keys to any door holding me back. even if they are trite.