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An initial audit recommendation resulted in reducing a complex 5-minute intro process to 5 simple steps.

New clients get instant access to an editable dashboard summarizing their project quote. The flexible design progressively adds layers of information as projects move from pending, to draft, to final review.

Content and design guidelines from the BriefBuilder and dashboard were extended to the full marketing website.

DreamItReel New Client Intake

DreamItReel is a nimble video production company that draws on a top-quality network of freelancers. They had developed a unique "BriefBuilder" product to help new clients create project briefs. But prospects were dropping off, not completing the process.

Two key insights emerged from a detailed UX audit of DreamItReel's new client intake experience: the process for getting an introductory quote needed drastic reduction in steps, and the form had to be mobile-optimized. Working with the client to prioritize the introductory quote process was a success, and resulted in three more projects: building out the new "BriefBuilder", redesigning the client dashboard, and overseeing an overall website upgrade.

I designed a robust dashboard consolidating all aspects of the creative brief, which also required working through a tricky user login issue with the development team. We were then able to build on the usability and visual improvements for the initial client experience, extending the design system to the full life cycle of the video production cycle, as well as to DreamItReel's new website.

DreamItReel website 🔗