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In the app's opening screen, users locate one of five plant species on a community-managed map. See the prototype.

Each plant species has information about how to identify it, when to harvest it, and how to enjoy eating it.

By educating users on how to cook each plant, the app introduces the benefits of including wild foods in their diet.

Savage Kitchen Wild Foraging App

Savage Kitchen connects its audience to the Hawai’ian ecosystem through wild, edible plants. By focusing on the harvesting and use of invasive species, the app supports native species and food security—a critical issue for the Hawai’ian islands.

I worked with Tessellate Design Studio, leading concept development, wireframe prototyping, and user research. The wireframe prototype embedded on this page demonstrates the logged in experience. A local map is central to the experience, its community-managed data helps users locate one of five invasive plant species for identification, harvesting, and for tips on preparing each for consumption.

The app is expected to launch in mid-2020. I'm also working on a website for this app's creator, wild foods activist Sunny Savage. The work involves streamlining her various online properties and projects into one cohesive website, launching early 2020.

Savage Kitchen website 🔗