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Home screen features the latest competitions, filterable by category.

Users manage their competition progress in the Profile section.

Fit Fight App

FitFight is a platform that encourages fitness through competition. Users browse weekly challenges in the app—such as max push-ups within a given time, record themselves performing their best, and see how they stack up against other FitFighters.

When I was brought on, the app was functioning, but the team lacked a dedicated user experience designer. I evaluated the app’s usability and worked with the visual development teams to iteratively bring the app from good to great. Through testing and user interviews, we streamlined the experience to the core features: competing, smooth video uploads, measuring your progress.

Later, we implemented and tested a full visual re-brand as we launched a points-based system to support users to reach their personal best. I also worked on the back-end admin system for reviewing, scoring, and declaring competition winners. One of my biggest challenges? Competing against devoted users who seemed to be quasi-Olympians! I got used to being towards the bottom of the leaderboard. On a personal note, I was proud to work under our combat veteran CEO as he made his startup dreams a reality.

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