interaction design + literary arts

Digital video, 1280 x 720, duration 5:18 minutes.
Headphones recommended for audio.
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Video still, AI- and software-generated imagery react to the piece's audio.

Video still, software-generated imagery based on noise algorithm.

Video still, one of 30+ images generated from AI policy text.


An audiovisual work that translates the language of generative artificial intelligence (AI) policies into a visual, poetic expression. I reviewed AI policies from twenty higher education institutions across the United States and Canada, using the AI chatbot ChatGPT to assist me in finding patterns among the texts, such as word frequency. I wrote poetry informed by this text analysis, and finally expressed the poem as recorded sound with abstract visuals.

Commissioned by the Multimodal Media Literacy team and the education division of the Littérature québécoise mobile partnership.