interaction design + literary arts

The second section of the story, eight verses arranged in a grid.

Demo of the app--the white circles simulate two fingerpads zooming in and out.

Shadows Never Sleep

Shadows Never Sleep, published 2008 on the iTunes app store, was one of the first to take advantage of the iPhone/iPod's touch-sensitive surface. The zooming gesture is used to advnace through the story, whose structure was inspired by the fractal Sierpiński Carpet--one verse becomes nine, each of the nine verses become nine more. In the visual design I used scale and contrast to explore the curious metaphysical status of shadows: part of our physical landscape, yet without weight, or permanence.

This project was part of her Master’s thesis at Brown University’s Literary Arts program. It was part of a suite of stories I created to investigate the role of medium and genre in narrative: an oral folktale, a printed children's story, and a photo-poem (I'll get this up online soon!).

Credits: Nick Dalton programmed the iPhone app, Roxanne Carter posed for silhouettes.