interaction design + literary arts

A scenario that illustrates how interactive textiles can enhance daily life.

Main character tries on the digital jacket and pairs it to her mobile device.

Quick access to frequent contacts via interactive fabric on sleeve.

With a gesture, the jacket's paired mobile device can be silenced remotely.

Google ATAP Digital Textile User Journey

Google engaged The Barbarian Group, where I was an Interaction Design Director, to explore concepts for an interactive fabric. I conducted extensive user research, wrote the script, and worked closely with an illustrator to create a video walkthrough of an interactive jacket incorporating the touch-sensitive fabric. In the scenario, the interactive jacket enables the user to message, listen to music, pay for her coffee, and even interact with a digital pet--all via touch and gesture.

Our team iterated on several locations on the body for the primary zone of interation, eventually settling on the wrist area. Google went on to develop this concept more fully, eventually launching the Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket with the interactive fabric Jacquard™ by Google. Some of our team's interaction designs made it into the final piece.

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